Residential Moving Services San Jose, CA

You and your family should enjoy the experience of moving to a new home. Keep the joy and excitement of starting this new chapter in your life alive by not letting the difficult moving procedure ruin it. We are the most dependable and experienced San Jose and Santa Clara movers, and we will transfer all of your possessions to your new home without causing any harm or bother to you. People that work with Arnoni Moving will always have a calm and stress-free moving experience - certainly without cracked vases and unreasonable prices. Discover why we are the most cherished and dependable movers in Santa Clara by reading more about our house moving service here.

Do I really need a professional Santa Clara moving company?

Moving into your brand new two-bedroom apartment with a lush green lawn and pretty view of the Bay area? We are sure your excitement is having you float on cloud nine. Don’t let the stressful moving process kill the excitement and fun of entering this new chapter of your life.

Arnoni Moving is your magic fairy that will get all your belongings packed safely and ready to move in no time.

Our services don’t stop here. We are the most trusted professional San Jose and Santa Clara movers who move all your belongings to your new house without any damage and without causing you any inconvenience, even if it’s a long distance move. 

“Nothing goes as planned” - Well not anymore. You can sit back and dream about your new life in your new house. Just tell us your schedule and our professional movers will make sure things go as planned.
Residential Moving Services San Jose, CA

Do I really need a professional Santa Clara moving company?

Arnoni Moving takes care of ALL types of Commercial Moves, ranging from a small startup to corporate headquarters. We pride ourselves in helping our clients with all their moving needs, because when you work with us you're treated like Family!

Considering the big impact your office or commercial move project has, we'll make sure your relocation goes smoothly. It’s as important as if you were moving your family into a new house. Our movers are professionally trained in extensive, time-tested packing methods to pack and move your office safely and efficiently. This way, your business experiences minimal downtime and a successful relocation.

Few reasons why professional movers are the better choice

Your Items will stay safe

The biggest victims of a poorly executed and DIYed packing and moving process are the fragile items in your house like the flower vase gifted by your mom, your favorite dinner set, and your embellished mirror that always gives you an aesthetic mirror selfie. 

Our packing service providers are extremely professional. They use all the right equipment and safety measures like bubble wrap to keep your belongings from getting disfigured or damaged. 

Moreover, when loading our moving truck with your precious items, we use wheeled trolleys to ensure that nothing inside the boxes experiences even a single jerk. 

Our local drivers are trained to drive in a way that nothing inside the truck moves from its place. We also take all precautionary measures inside the truck to prevent any movement from sudden breaks, holes, and speed breakers.

We are more experienced

Our professionals have helped hundreds of people in San Jose and Santa Clara CA to move into their new homes, sometimes even for the second or third time. Whether it is a local move or a long-distance move, we have completed endless moving projects in Santa Clara, California. 

We have dealt with many difficult situations: a weirdly shaped antique item, a fish tank, expensive paintings, or even pianos. We are proud to say that our San Jose and Santa Clara movers have come up with the right solutions every time they were faced with such “difficult to pack and move” items. Our experience gives us the confidence to promise your safe and timely delivery of all your belongings.

Things will always go as planned

A most essential part of being a professional moving company is to provide fantastic service on time. We don’t know about other moving companies but we set expectations clearly in the first call itself. 

We don’t promise unrealistic things like completing the process within 4 hours or so. If we think packing, moving, and unpacking all your belongings will take additional hours, then we will clearly state it. We do it so you can plan other things accordingly. And don’t worry, if we say 8 hours, it will be done within 8 hours unless some very unexpected circumstances occur.

We are super efficient

How many times has it happened that you started unpacking your wardrobe and found yourself looking at all the nostalgic pictures and gifts? 

While you are enjoying your little trip back in time, the clock has been ticking and you are late with packing the stuff. With our packing service, you can expect efficiency and commitment. 

We are very efficient at removing all your belongings and storing them safely in boxes. Not to brag, but we are also fast with moving, unloading, and unpacking, all this while ensuring the proper safety of your items. Our exceptional service will certainly save you a lot of time and money. 

Stress-free experience

Moving to a new place has to be all about high spirits and excitement. Leave all the stress to us. We are residential movers in Santa Clara CA and San Jose CA who take care of all your moving needs so you don’t have to contact ten different businesses and make them work together according to your schedule. 

Just contact us and tell us your plan. After that, you and your whole family are free to do other things. We assure you of an absolutely ideal experience.

All sorts of vehicles are available

Moving your things might require more than one vehicle. The truck size that is quite big is unavoidable for items like beds, wardrobes, and fridges. 

Other items can be carried through a small vehicle. We have all sorts of vehicles so you don’t have to worry about hunting different vehicles.

We are accountable

When we take the job of packing and moving your things, we take all the responsibility for your items. We are not sure about other movers, but when you hire us, you can hold us liable for any damage done to your things during the whole process.

The process we follow

We offer comprehensive moving services so you don’t have to go anywhere else. If you are wondering what is the process we follow to complete our moving projects, here it is:

professional packing


You get in touch with us and tell us your requirements. We plan the whole process to fit your schedule and budget.
local moving


Packing all your things with utmost care.
Packing things in an organized manner. This helps make it easy to unpack.
loading and unloading


Choosing the right vehicles to move your belongings. Loading the trucks using special equipment to avoid breaks and jerks. Securing the belongings inside the vehicle.


Our trained local drivers will safely deliver the things to your new home. While transporting your things, special care is taken to avoid damage. Our trucks will arrive at your destination on or before the mentioned time.
pickup and delivery


Once we reach the destination we will start unloading things. Again some equipment will be employed to avoid any damage.


Once all the things are unloaded we unpack them with care. If you need help reinstalling your furniture, we can do that too.

Our entire team follows this process religiously and thrives to give you a quality service. Get in touch with us to discuss the process in detail. 

Few things we would request you to do

Your Items will stay safe

Although most of the things would be taken care of by us, we expect you to do some small things and those are mentioned below. Together with your cooperation, we can make this project fruitful.

Pack a few essentials 

Even though moving is a day-long task, it is quite possible that your essentials like toothbrushes, clothes, medicines, etc are not yet unpacked. Instead of looking for these essentials in all the boxes, it would be more feasible to carry them with you in a bag.

Carry one or more extra keys

The door of your house would be open for a considerable amount of time while we are moving things outside and inside your house. The chances of getting locked outside are quite high. It would be better to have one more extra pair of keys to avoid having a stressful time.

Let us know if there are any rules to be followed at the location 

Some neighborhoods have certain rules regarding parking unknown vehicles among others. If there are such rules that need to be followed by us, let us know beforehand. If we are familiar with the area, it is more likely that we know all the rules. Still, it is highly recommended that you learn more about the rules and educate us about the same.

A secure home for your pets for a couple of days

If you own pets, we recommend you arrange a secure home for them somewhere. Accidents are quite common while moving things and we don’t want a little pup or kitten to get hurt.

Keep things like cash and jewelry safe with you

Even though we are the best movers, expensive personal belongings like jewelry should be kept safe with the owner. You can either store them in the bank locker or pack them in your bag. Misplacing a pricey item like a necklace or gold chain can create a very difficult situation for you and us as well. 

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Arnoni Moving has been doing an amazing job of being the go-to local movers and long-distance movers for people in San Jose and Santa Clara CA. Our hassle-free moving experience and friendly staff is the things that makes us the ultimate choice for our client’s moves. 

Our team is a bunch of fun-loving people who love doing their job. You can expect friendly staff with good communication skills that are trained well enough to complete the task within the estimated time. 

We are very dependable San Jose and Santa Clara movers who can help you out even with short notice based on the degree of the project. 

Our moving services are extended to folks moving within Santa Clara or San Jose and also to people shifting to a long-distance place. 

If you are thinking a service like ours would charge you a lot, then you are wrong. Our charges are very affordable and we do all we can to complete the project at the least possible cost. If you want some cost estimates you can get in touch with us and get a free quote.

We promise that you will have zero regrets and 100% satisfaction after choosing us among all other moving companies. We will do all we can to stay true to our word and provide you with an exceptional moving experience. 

We would love to see your smiling faces in your new home.

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Sharon Trinh

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My family and I had last minute, long-distance (1.5 hrs.) moving issues at night and had to find movers ASAP. I contacted Airan through text and he responded right away. They were able to fit me in the next morning, so pre-moving was already a great start! As for the actual move, it was better than I expected. Airan and his partner were very friendly and worked very quickly. They also wore masks the whole time, so they were very much following COVID procedures. Everything was also wrapped up with great care, maybe even more care than I would even care for LOL! I also had a lot of unpacked items (like shoes), which they were able to pack and organize for me.

Even when they were unloading, everything was done very efficiently and carefully. Both guys did such an amazing job that my family and I honestly don’t have any complaints. So overall, 10/10 would recommend!


Airan made sure to wrap the furnitures with plastic and blankets to avoid scratches. Shoutout to Eddie for being a beast carrying big stuff from our 2nd floor condo. If you're looking for a good moving service that's super affordable they're the ones to call!

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